Westinghouse Cyber Security Services

Westinghouse is dedicated to the nuclear industry and to supplying our customers with industry-leading cyber security products and services. Nuclear industry regulations, engineered instrumentation and control (I&C) systems and nuclear cyber security are among our core competencies. Westinghouse is clearly differentiated in knowledge, experience and expertise and can offer the most reliable and most efficient leadership and execution for your cyber security objectives.

Westinghouse has implemented cyber security policies & procedures, assessments and remediation worldwide using the ISO 27000, IEC 62645/62443, NIST 800-53/800-82, U.S. NRC Regulatory Guide 5.71, and NEI 08-09/13-10 on safety, non-safety, security and emergency preparedness digital products (systems and components). Westinghouse has implemented the NEI 10-09 framework and developed our own assessment framework for performing digital product assessments.

Westinghouse Global Instrumentation & Control product line has over eight years of experience in completing customer-focused and internal assessments and remediation for digital products used in information, instrumentation and control systems. The Westinghouse portfolio offers an entire suite of network architecture and cyber security products and services to deliver a complete, high-quality cyber security lifecycle model for your program, assessments, remediation and ongoing maintenance & monitoring. Our cyber security products, services and methodologies provide customers a low-cost, regulatory compliant approach and fully meet all customer requirements and regulatory guidelines.

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